Finding the Architectural Scale of my SketchUp Model

Hey all just a quick question. Newbie to SketchUp. I have a project for my master’s program and they want me to have my SketchUp model’s layout to scale. Either 1/8’’ = 1’ or 1/4’’ = 1’.

I’ve made a whole model in SketchUp already according to real life measurements, but I’m struggling to find where the existing scale of my model is. I have a feeling it’s just some stat I need to find in the menu, but I can’t seem to find an answer on Google. It keeps leading me to how to scale items, but I don’t have any issue with that.

Any help is appreciated!

Create and save a Scene
File > Send to LayOut…

SketchUp always assumes scale 1:1. Scaling would be handled in LayOut. If you actually want to scale the model in SketchUp, then you need to find a known measurement, measure and rescale to the calculated target with the target scale in mind applied.

But be careful doing that. If you put dimensions on in the SU drawing, they will also be scaled down.

Your profile indicates that you have a Pro version of SU, so you have Layout.

Set up one or more scenes in SU with the view(s) you want to show to scale. Normally these will be orthogonal views like plan, front and side elevations.

Use File/Send to Layout.

Set the scale in Layout and print what you want to see to that scale.,

You can also print such a view directly from SU, either to paper or to a PDF, but it can be tricky to fit the view and scale to your page. You set the scale in the print dialogue.

Search this forum for ‘print to scale’, or use or for further guidance.