Finding the angle at which a group sits

Hi, how do I find the angle at which a group is. I know how to rotate something through x degrees, but how do I tell where it is now, eg. it might be causing problems with misalignment with other groups because it is say 1 degree off plumb of horizontal which is not readily discernable. Selecting a group and right clicking it brings up “entity info” as a choice, but in there no angle is shown, So where do I find that info, so that I can modify it by typing rather than manipulating.

Manually, it can be done using the Protractor tool.

from the SketchUp User Guide:

The variance of a group or component instance from the current axes, the co-ordinates of it’s origin, and it’s scale, is called it’s transformation.

There may be a utility someone has written that will display the transform properties of groups and components in a messagebox or webdialog. Search for extensions or plugins using term “transformation”.