Finding online program files

I have opened Sketchup Pro 2017 and developed several drawings. The drawing files are saved on my mac, but won’t open in 2017. How do I get to the online program files?

Can you explain what “online files” you are trying to get to? If you drew somethin in SU 2017, and saved them locally, then you just need to open them from where they are saved.

You need to be a bit clearer.

If you drew in SU Pro 2017 and saved from there the files will be saved on your local drive by default.

What ‘online program files’ do you mean?

My understanding is that Sketchup Pro 2017 is an online program. It does not exist on my computer even though I have created drawings and are files on my computer. Forgive me for using the wrong terms. I am not a computer wiz.

Sketchup Pro 2017.

SketchUp Pro is a program that is installed on your PC or Mac. Additionally, there is which is a web-based version of SketchUp that runs in your web browser. While they are similar, they are two different products that run differently. Which one are you needing help with?

I don’t know. I may just have to order the program again and take note on how you reopen drawing files. Thanks.

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SO many opportunities for a typo and I only took one! :wink:

Shame it was a link!!

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Additional info. I have several drawings created in Pro 2017, when try to open them, they default to 2016.

Thanks. It looks like a great program, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

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How did you do this in the first place? It looks probably that you have been using if you had ‘online files’.

If that was the case, go to my sketchup in a web browser, and log in again. You should find your files there.

So your Mac is linking all SketchUp model files to SketchUp version 2016 even while you have version 2017 installed? I don’t own a Mac but I guess other Mac users here (@Barry ?) could help you correct that. On a PC, right-clicking on a model file gives you a possibility to choose which installed Sketchup version will be used to open it.

I only found

The link @anssi provided gives the correct technique: locate a file using Finder, right-click and choose “Get Info”. In the info dialog you can choose what app will open this file and there is a button to tell macOS to open all files of the same type with that app.

I purchased an instructor’s version of Sketchup Pro 2017. I downloaded the program and began working. I developed four drawings and saved them on my computer. When I tried to open the files, I noticed that the Sketchup program was not on my computer. I thought the open request would default to the web-based program (regardless of what it’s called), but it defaults to my older 2016 version that won’t open the 2017 files.


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sounds like you where running from the installer [dmg], which is not easy to do, but possible…

from the installer it is unlikely that you can save files…

you need to ‘install’ SU by dragging the SU Icon onto the Applications Icon after opening the dmg’s Finder Panel…


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!Is that possible? Under what circumstanse?

Thanks for all your help, but I don’t have a clue. I will try this operation.

if you have finder set up to show the contents, you click on SU and it opens…

Don’t try this at home…

I bail out as it’s already installed and I don’t want to run the risk of upsetting my installation…

open from dmg

there are ways to have Finder always open .dmg’s at the contents, people use that for selective installs…


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I did go thru this activity. I’ll have to get this dialog box up again on my desktop. How do I do that?