Finding a model


I would need to find a model on my mac I worked on 2 days ago. ‘Open recent’ doesn’t go back far enough. Is there a history record going back further?

Many thanks.

Do you kow where you saved it? File>Open and navigate to the file. You could look in the Finder for it. Do you know the name of the file? You could enter it in the search window in Finder.

In a Finder window you can do a Find, and select This Mac, and put this into the search field:

kind:Documents skp

When the list appears there is a Date Last Opened column. That should let you see you recent files at the top of the list.

Thanks, Dave and Colin! I found the file!

On a different note: can you select all dimensions in LayOut? How can I avoid dimensions jumping back to a different scale? I set them as Architectural but they keep jumping to a different scale.



Yes. You can select multiple dimension. The easiest way is to put them on their own layer in the beginning.

What are they changing to? If the ends are anchored to the SketchUp model they shouldn’t change. Are they changing to paper space dimensions?

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