Find Viewports on Page

Hi. I have been known to make changes in a scene in SU which impacts other scenes. I am careful to update the impacted scenes before I save the SU file. After going back into LO and resynchronizing the model (or whatever you call that circle thingy in the top of the SU tray), some viewports were impacted because their contents moved in the SU model (but I promise that I updated the scene in SU). When this happens, the SU scene contents are outside the boundary of the VP and the page appears blank. I know it isn’t blank, but I can’t find the VP without just randomly clicking on the page. Is there any way to highlight the VP outline(s) so I can work on the contents of the VP?

I think if you go to Document Setup>References and click on the SU file reference then all viewports will be highlighted…

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply. That only tells you the files that are referenced in the LO document. What I am looking for is a way to go to a page that I know has a VP on it and be able to find the darn thing(s). I don’t like the idea of having VPs on a page that are not in use.

It works for me…

Click on the reference in Document Setup>References and it should highlight ALL the viewports on the page

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Turn off the layers for everything except your viewports. Then drag a right to left selection box across the page to select the viewports. If there’s one that is blank for some reason it should be easy enough to find and deal with. If you don’t want to totally eliminate the viewport you could give it a border by turning on Stroke in Shape Style while it is selected. That’ll make it easier to find later.

Hi Paul, it works for me as well when I test it on a page that actually has a VP on it. :flushed: thanks for the followup. Dave, your way works as well.

Thanks to both of you. Carl