Find text entry in SketchUp model


I have SketcUp file with multiple TEXT entries.
Any possible solution how can i find text entry? Like you have CTRL+F in browser or in MS Word.

Otherways i have to visualy look at each text entry before I find righ one, very time consuming, not practical.
I believe it it has to be possible to do it somehow with ruby scripting?

Thanks in advance!

Not natively, but there’s this.

Unfortunately, not what i’m looking for.
This tool simply renames text, without me beling able to ever seeing where the text was in model which got renamed.

What I’m looking for is simlar tool, but to find this text in model by by entering part of text. Then it finds where this text is in the model and zooms to it or highlits it.

This one-liner pasted into the Ruby Console +[enter] might work.
t=inputbox(['Find Text: '],[''],'');if(t);m=Sketchup.active_model;s=m.selection;s.clear;m.active_entities.grep(Sketchup::Text).select{|e|e.text=~/#{t[0]}/}.each{|e|s.add(e)};Sketchup.send_action('viewZoomToSelection:');end

In the dialog type the search string.

It uses regex matching so a few tips…
It’s case-sensitive so use [Cc]at to find both matches [Cat, catalog].
Use [CcMm]at to find word matches [Cat, cat, Mat, mat, material].
Or M[ae]t etc fro [Material, Metal]…
Note that you’ll need to escape ‘slashes’ as \\ and \/ - and also place some characters inside [] - like ^, $ . and so on… otherwise a sting like 1.2 will match several possibilities,
like 1.2, 122, 1a2 etc, but 1[.]2 will match only 1.2
To find all text starting with a lower-case letter use ^a-z [cat, mat, hat], to find all text ending with say ‘cm’ use cm$ [min. 12cm, 34cm, max. 39cm]

All Text in the current active context is searched for a match.
Any matching Text entities are highlighted.
The Zoom is set to that Selection…

New 3D text gets the text as definition string and you can search for it in the component window and select all instances in the right click context menu.

It’s work!

But when the text have special character like {, (, * It doesn’t work

How can I solve this?

To search for ‘special-characters’ you need to do more work in the matching…
could be
etc - the square brackets - […] - separate the pattern to search when it’s not basic A-Za-Z0-9 etc

Is there a way to find text in some group?

Use the extension to search & replace it with a realllllllly long name?