Finally took the plunge

Agree, ram is cheap. Go for it.

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Thank, all.
Yes Win 10 Pro.
It’s pre-built at NewEgg.
Will ask for more RAM - appreciate the heads up.

Now that i’ve gotten this far I’ve neglected to educate myself on the monitor.
Need advice please on an acceptable monitor for rendering SU in VRay.
What kind of specifications am I looking for? Resolution minimum etc… stuff like that?

I’d go for 1440p minimum, ultrawide if you like it. I’d personally also go for a high refresh rate (144hz) - yes, most of the time this is marketed towards gaming but the fluidity of movement of the cursor, windows and everything else is just nice.


Ok - so here are the basic categories for understanding Monitors that I’ve been able to discern:
Resolution, Pixel Density, Refresh Rate, Response Time, and Panel Tech (TN,VA, IPS).
But of all these the most complicated category and difficult to understand that I’ve run across seems to be about the cable that connects the GPU to the monitor- crazy.

The RTX 3070 has both major ports an HDMI and a Display Port. Anybody out there knowledgeable about the difference these cables will make with SU+VRay performace?

The kind of cable you use to connect your monitor to you computer won’t affect SU or V-ray performance. Having said that, I use the HDMI cable for the 2nd monitor to my laptop and have never noticed any issues that could be put on the shoulders of the cable.

Depending on computer and monitor make, you get to see all kinds of issues. I once tested a HP 32" 4K monitor that wouldn’t give its maximum resolution when connected via HDMI but worked through DisplayPort. I don’t know if the problem was with the monitor or the older type HP “mobile workstation” laptop.

Display performance depends solely on your graphics card. Since switching away from cathode ray tube monitors refresh rate hasn’t been an issue.

If you buy a “G sync” monitor, it needs a DP cable to enable the G Sync function. See this PAGE for an explanation.

Here’s the cable article I tried to understand - just for laughs:

Didn’t know that, thanks

I’d go Display Port, the current 1.4 spec is more than sufficient for all resolutions and refresh rates.

What is meant by “1.4 spec”
I mean I’ll search myself but just in case I come up empty …pls and thank you.

Ok - looks like that refers to a data transfer rating:

The version 1.4, as listed in your article above, will transmit up to 32.4 Gbps, which is more than enough for almost all current use cases.