Final render that should look like the scene when I click and move inside the scene?


We are wondering if it is possible to achieve the effect it shows when clicking on the scene? We currently have the style set on PSO Cursive 1 and we want to have straight lignes instead of sketchy lignes but the same background and greyscale on the walls. Why is is different style when we click on the scene to move inside the scene, and when we stop to move?

I’m not understanding your question. You say ‘render’ but mention styles? Are you using a rendering extension or are you referring to SketchUp Styles…like ‘hidden line’, Xray, etc?

Thanks Eric, i have found the solution finally, I could change the edge settings in the mix rubric from the style window. Thanks for your help :wink:

Glad you solved it. And be sure after making changes to your style to either ‘update’ the style (circular arrows at upper left) or add a new style (tan and blue box with a +sign upper right)