Filter over model? SketchUp for Schools

Hello! I have been working on a model and I’m not sure what exactly I did, but there is now some kind of grey filter over the entire workplane. Here is the link to my project.

I wonder if anyone might know how to remove this?

Thank you!

Can’t open the file. Maybe you could share a screen shot or download the model file to your computer and upload it here.

Thank you very much for looking at this and replying!

Ahhh I just realized that because it’s SketchUp for Schools only people with the school email can open the file. My bad. I’m attaching a screenshot here.

OK. That screen shot helps a lot. You’ve selected a style that included that texture as a watermark. Go to Styles on the right side, click on the house icon to see the In Model styles. Choose the default style. Then click on the Recycle button at the bottom of the Styles panel to purge unused styles.

Ohhh!!! Thank you so much for your help!

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