Filter Outliner

Can we agree that we should be able to filter what is displayed in the Outliner? At least to what’s visible. I mean really do we have to scroll through thousands of objects that are not the focus of our attention. Maybe yet another plug-in needed. @colin @Fredo6 @eneroth3

Do you mean like this? If so, yes. I agree we should be able to do that in Outliner and we can already do so. It’s a native feature that’s been around a long time. Maybe since the release of Outliner (I disremember).

Thanks @DaveR. That’s helpful. As always you da man!

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It would be really cool to have a immediate visual of the filter in outliner…

What do you mean by that? Highlighting the components in the model space that are included in the filtered results?

Yes, two buttons, one for ‘show only’ and the other for ‘Zooms selection’ in the viewport.