Filling in the spaces between lines

Is there a trick to filling in the space between lines? I’ve built the Kawasaki MULE logo with beveled 3D edges, but they all aren’t filling in properly.

You probably need to upload an example file so we can see what you are working with. Normally I would expect that the faces would be formed when I create the bevels.

DaveR… thanks for looking at this.

20_CE052_3D_MULE_Display.skp (302.0 KB)

So for some of these you’ll need to draw diagonals to close the faces because the edges aren’t coplanar. Some of them are going to need a little more.

If I were going to make something like this I would use Extrude Push/Pull from Fredo6’s Joint Push/Pull extension. It would create the thickness and the bevel in one step.

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There are some problems with the base letter surfaces you are starting from. How did you get these letters into SketchUp to start with? Once the surface is square and the edges repaired, the process should be this simple with native tools. Push-Pull for the base height, offset-tool the front face, move-tool the inner face forward.

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Did you try that same method on the U?

Touché. The curve of the U will require that you stitch the facets of the two curves and hide the lines before you move the inner face.

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Yes. That’s why I suggested Fredo6’s extension instead of using Autofold. :wink:

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Indeed, as usual Fredo has a tool for that, his extensions are awesome and soooo useful, and also as usual DaveR is totally on the ball here with a solid answer. But, if you wanted to use native tools, or were using the web version, it’s not really so hard.

Wow! I’ve got so much to learn. :slight_smile: I’m going to try and find Fredo6’s extension now.
Thanks so much again!

Go to Sketchucation and first install the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool. Then use it to install Lib_Fredo6 and Joint Push/Pull.

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Thanks again so much for all the help and advise. I really appreciate it.

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