Filling in a Solid


I’m working on a project, it has diagonals that come out from a shape and I need to fill it in to make it solid. I’ve added pictures, I do not know how to fill in the space between these two curves, I also added a pic of what it looks like irl

Guessing from what you have shown you need to stitch. Draw edges from endpoint to endpoint creating triangular faces.
If you attach your model we could give a more specific answer.

DiagonalHelpFill.skp (233.3 KB)

As I guessed, stitching, but some geometry understanding thrown in.
GIF 18-05-2024 4-06-52 AM

sorry im just confused about what you clicked at the end to make it completely white, thank you for the help though! I got pretty far

I had a couple of goes at it so it showed on the screen, Orient Faces.

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