Fillable PDF Text Box After File is Exported

I think that if you could add a text box that would be a fillable text field once your Document was export as a PDF file, it would be a huge value add to Layout.
It would probably have to be a separate text box tool but if it create a fillable text field after the PDF was created I could reuse several of my docs. instead of having to change the labels and create a completely new doc.

Just wondering what everyone else thought about this idea?

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I see so few PDF forms today that I think not very many people need the option inside LayOut. Why not use the form creation tools available in a PDF editor application like Adobe Acrobat or PDF Xchange Editor? I think you need one anyway if you need to save the form you have filled.

I just meant that it would be an added value, I would not have to pay for another software package if LO had this kind of tool and it would not be an extra step if it was included in the LO tools.
Everything is PDF forms, almost any form that you have to fill out is a PDF form at one point or another.
For businesses there literal is nothing else.

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