Fill out small spaces with plane

This might be a stupid question to many
but I have gone way further in the autodidact concept
I discovered that one of my balcony banisters
aren’t filled all oeve with the “green” as due to change to a metal later (for the render)
I want to make it copper.

I deleted all so I can and started again from scratch
and made a rectangle around it and tried to fill the spaces
OMG but

1/ each time I have to sort of guess with corner to connect for it to fill up

2/ a problem I have a lot although my material is set at green
I get some material that I used before somewhere that seems to always
creep in and fill planes
It happens a lot in my building concept
I guess it has to do with things connected or where I used push pull
but in this case I have deleted ALL and EVERYTHING that has nothing to do with this
banister and brick is the last and is not where else in the file
3/ I also seem to have previously discovered that I have imported/ posed i don’t know the right word
but let say I found out I have put in the same geometry sometimes 3x on the same spot
By deleting by accident a big part of my project I RE imported that part from an older file
and somehow I found out this problem

I know I am bad a layers and groups and have promised myself for my next one
to start on a better foot but this near one year project is to far to go back on it all.

I also can’t seem to reduce the size of this small file MY ENTIRE building is only 92MB
why would this only be 6MB I have look exploded and exploded and looked there is NOTHING
on the screen I look hidden geometry etc I can’t seem to find anything

My ADHD is starting to get frustrated
All I want it to fill the green lines and the rest with glass
is that so difficult?
I know you are going to think that person hasn’t learned or isn’t applying the basics
My main problem is HOW TO ASK the right question for the right problem
I would have uploaded the file but with 66MB the forum won’t let me.
I just took me to purge etc to get to come it down
WHY DID I NOT SEE ANYTHING I zoomed out till it was only a dot on the big screen?

000_4_MEC_012_12_21_FACLON_balustradeONY_B.skp (190.5 KB)

It’s hard to tell from your post what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Here is a fresh version of your file with all the surfaces healed, oriented in the same direction, and with the default material applied. Perhaps this will give you a fresh start to add materials the way you wish to.

The file you posted is 190 kb, the one I have returned is 160kb. Not sure where you are seeing 6mb.

Your profile does not say what version you are using so I’m assuming a Subscription and this is a SU21 file.

balustradeONY_FIXED.skp (159.9 KB)

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Hi No I don’t have 21 I am on 19 So I can’t open it…
Thanks for your time assisting helping me.
So “healing” is the word…
I think I managed since but sure not the fastest way.

I needed to add a thickness to the pattern as it goes between to layers of glass
Clear from inside but bronze reflective from the outside.
Thank you. I

I’d be very happy if you can send me some keywords on how to find the right youtube or forum answers on how to do healing to funny intricate spaces or if there is an extensions out there for that.

I see the pattern is divided at the center of each mullion, is this needed? Did you get the texture taken care of? I’d try to clean it up a bit, where you have many edges converging, especially at the center. Have you considered that for the most part you only have to model one half of this balustrade? I’d group the glass and the frame separately, and I’d use push pull to extrude the frame, Whether you give the thickness to the glass is up to how you plan to use the model. You might want to give the glass realistic thickness if you are hoping to plan construction of the piece. I’d align the axes of the baluster to the orientation of the edges. I’ll post an example file, but I probably won’t bother with all the “clean up” of edges in frame , though you probably should

I made mirror components, and separate components of glass and frame. I used pushpull pressing the modifier key: “option” on mac, “alt” on windows" to keep the back face as I did this. I moved the glass component to the center of the frame.
000_4_MEC_012_12_21_FACLON_balustradeONY_B example.skp (230.5 KB)

As far as closing the spaces. I did probably what you ended up doing. Trace edges with the pencil tool, especially edges that look thick, because that means they are not dividing the face yet. look for overlapping edges, remove excess edges. Mostly just tracing the outlines until they divide. The primary approach is to draw cleanly with practice. Avoid tight needle point intersections and multiple edges crossing in a small space.

Here is a Su19 version of the file, maybe update your profile to include your version so others can better help you. Reforming a surface inside a closed loop of edges is informally called “healing”, it can be done manually by retracing any edge, I ran Eneroth Face Creator on your geometry to reform all the surfaces quickly.

balustradeONY_FIXED.skp (189.2 KB)

Thank you very much, very considerate. I will update as per your advice
I looked at your page (due to the mention of profile)
and hope not to overstep by adding some points “apropos”
I don’t know how to send private but there is no secret.

May I ask your opinion

I am planning on putting LED lighting in the glass banister reinforcement pattern
in the rendering
currently I found this SKU material that looks like an LED strip (actually it’s right tile)
when used on a small edge
I am also looking if there is a plugin that would ONLY pick planes all from ONE direction only
as filling such patterns are sooo time consuming
Can you recommend anything that would react best to become soft indirect LED
in a render with Lumion
I have “emitters” material from Kerythea (upernsource)
but they look very dull in SKU already…
Looking at your site I guess you render also?
I am a beginner all autodidact

Thank you very much.
I have looked at your site WOW blew me away.
I once styles a man who spun hanging on hooks in his dorsal skin
here in Vancouver he is well known in “industry”
My very close friend Gabriel Morosan did the photo shoot. I love styling for him.
I designed an entire MURPHY BED collection that he was going to produce
we had a show room at the Arch on Pender street.
We built our own laser cut table 4x8 feet loads of expenses etc
But the cost of advertising was prohibitive, even by mail so things are on ice.
He is someone who also can “rig” anything and an amzing carpenter, builder, Dr by profession
but due to Canada immigration had to change carreer.

I loved your “FLYING BED”
Then came Covid etc
You might check our my other friend Wilhem Disbergen a leading stage and lighting designer for leading ballet and opera from JHB South Africa. You never know you click on some projects.
He this he was just in Dubai world exposition
(I wish)
As Designer myself I love especially Art created in SPACE
I also work in movies (when there is work) :slight_smile: I have 4 credits (3 with with TIFF) 2013,16 & 17

I am currently preparing to launch my first total building concept online
with a very unique building project hoping to drum up some online traction.
Some of your rigs (as per pic) would look AAAAHMAZING on it as it has very unique outdoor spaces
I’ll share at a later date, that if you are interested.
Happy Holidays.