Fill a hole without merging?

I need help! I’m drawing an extension (in brown) to the existing building (in white). They are in to different layers. I use sketchup make. I want to show it with and without the changes. But when I look at it without the extension it looks as in picture no 2 – with a hole.
When I try to fill the gap the program merges my shapes.
What can I do to avoid this and/or fill the hole?

SketchUp layers do not isolate geometry, they only control visibility. You must use Groups or Components to keep the addition from “sticking” to the rest of the building. You should leave all primitive geometry (edges, faces) associated with Layer0 and only associate Groups or Components with other layers.

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Thanks! I’m not sure I fully understand the consequenses of that, but after grouping the original building I could but them together without getting a hole! :slightly_smiling: