Files open as read-only

Since upgrading to Pro2015, every file we open first comes up as though another user has the file open, asking if you’d like to open a read-only file. We click “no”, and try to open the file again. Sometimes it will open the second time, more often, we get the same message, and have to try a third time before it will open the file properly.

Are you aware of this thread? It talks about Read Only files. It would be great if you can add a comment to an existing thread. Please remember to put in as much information as possible such as: Computer type, version, SketchUp Version…etc.


@AlexB - I think this might be a regression in the thumbnail handler in M3…

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I also have this issue with SketchUP 2015 64 bit on Windows 7 Pro

Thanks, AlexB - I searched “read-only files” and didn’t find anything relevant. I’ll add my comment there.

We’re currently investigating this issue. Some users report that trying a second time and the file will open without the message so you might just be able to persevere to get it working.

Another possible culprit is the Preview Pane in Windows Explorer. Try disabling that and see if the error continues.

Finally, as @thomthom mentioned, this may be tied to the thumbnails and the workaround to rename the “thumbsup.dll” file to “thumbsup.old” may work as well.

Be sure to let us know in this thread which, if any, of these suggestions help.