Files lost after laptop reformat

I was recently forced to reformat my hard drive and in the time between creating a Sketch Up model and reformatting, Sketch Up has changed. Now I cannot access my Sketch Up file.

What do you mean it has changed? Changed how? Please be specific.

Where is the SketchUp file? Why can’t you access it?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile shows contradictory information.

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Hi Dave. Thanks for the response.
a) Previously I accessed Sketch Up Free via an icon on my desk top after downloading the software via Google. Now when I search for Sketch Up via Google it seems like you do not download anything, you just click on "Start Modelling.

b) Previously there was no reference to “Trimble”. Now it’s all over everywhere.

c) Previously when the software was on the screen there was the usual menu along the top where I clicked on the File tab, selected the model name and bingo, there was my model. Now none of that is there.

Is this enough to suggest what I am doing wrong?

John B

SketchUp Free is a web based version of SketchUp and it always has been. Perhaps you were using SketchUp Make which you can still get. Use this link.

Where’ve you been? Trimble purchased SketchUp from Google nearly six years ago. Perhaps you were using an ancient version of SketchUp and never bothered to keep up with installing newer versions when they came out.

Again, it sounds like you are now looking at SketchUp Free, the browser-based version instead of a desktop client version that you were using before. You can still download and install SketchUp Make if you would rather use that version.

Hi Dave. Thanks for the advice. I downloaded Sketch Up Make and that looks much more familiar. But I still can’t locate my files for the work I did previously. Is that because they will have been stored on my laptop and were wiped during the reformat, or are they in the cloud?

John B

Hard to say. If you were using a dsektop client version of SketchUp before, you were most likely saving them on your local drive. If that’s the only place they were saved, you would indeed lose them along with any other files on that drive when you reformatted it.

OK just have to live with it. Thanks again.

John B

if important stuff you mgiht want give ‘GetDataBack’ in connection with the deep option scan a try (trial avail.).

Conneting the hard drive to another system for reading data only would be the best way for doing that.

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