Files being deleted from your laptop

I don’t appreciate files of sketchup being deleted from my laptop. What do I do because this has happened when I was working on my windows laptop figured if I changed the computer it would change but it hasn’t. This is a file which I was exercising on from a youtuber.

Computers are not in the habit of deleting files, sketchup doesn’t reach into your system and delete anything, if you are having this issue on more than one computer it would suggest that it is something specific to you.
Something about how you have your computer set up
Perhaps something in the file structure or the permissions
Possibly some sort of backup or some other maintenance is cleaning up and removing files.

If you give more information, things like where the files are kept and when they disappear, is it the same OS on both machines, set up by you or another, how is sketchup installed, there are ways it can be installed incorrectly, other Mac users may be able to spot the reason.