"File wasn't available on site"?

I dropped by this morning to see about increasing the poly count of some of my older models, so I began by redownloading and then looking in my browser’s “Downloads” folder, but instead of the expected model, I was informed that the “File wasn’t available on site”. I got the same notification for 2017 models or the newest version listed, is states a random file name “.json” wasn’t on site.

The image of the file is still in my account, but I can’t download it…for viewing or editing. The analytics are still viewable, but I have no access to my files. Additionally, when attempting to view the 3D file in the viewer, I get the following statement: www.sketchup.com refused to connect.

FYI, I always work with the warehouse in browser not SketchUp, and it was functioning properly as of early this morning.

What’s up?

Can you specify which models exactly? Note that the 3D Warehouse hasn’t supplied V2017 compatible SketchUp files for a number of years. At this point even if you were to download the .skp file via your web browser they would not come as SketchUp 2017 files.

How many files have you tried to download recently? There is a limit to how many files a user without a current subscription can download in a day.

When a member uploads files in a specific app version, that same version is still available to THEM.
I attempted to download perhaps a dozen different models from my own account while I was logged in, but all (including attempts to download the generic “SketchUp File”) were met with the same “Unavailable File” statement.


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I received no warning about achieving the restriction, just the no file available statement.

It appears to have been fixed, I just downloaded a couple of models that were unavailable this morning, thanks.

last week there was already an incident when the warehouse was down for a few hours, due to some new stuff being rolled out on the warehouse.

it could be similar, something was being done to the servers last night (I guess yesterday afternoon for you)

That does make sense since I rarely have issues with the warehouse.

Cheers, eh.