File version

Hi, i’ve made a project and i wanted to upload it to one site, but the problem is that they’re saying:

„only sketchup version 13 or less can be uploaded. Please check the file and upload it again.”

What does it mean? I am using sketchup pro 2022, is it possible to change version of file to fit to this site?

Thanks for answers and i’m sorry, i don’t know much bc i am very beginner:)

It means it’s an ancient site that hasn’t been updated in a decade. You can use File>Save as… to save back to SketchUp 2013.

Ok, thanks i am gonna try that, but it’s weird because i uploaded a project on that site a few months ago and i saved a file normally. That’s why i am confused now why a file has to be in version 13 or less.
But i guess it is up to them

Yes it is.

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