File upload broken in PMs?


Lately I have been finding that if I use the up-arrow button on the reply window to attempt to share an .rbz file via PM, discourse responds that it can’t upload a file of zero length. But if I drag-n-drop the same file into the PM message window using Finder, it works fine. This is 100% repeatable using Safari on my Mac.

Has anyone else seen this, or can someone reproduce it? Did the gurus at Discourse once again change something without telling us and break this capability?


I sent a test message from Safari on my Mac, using the up arrow to attach an rbz.

Thinking about it, I am a moderator, and that could make a difference.

@jody can you think of anything that has changed?

Nothing has changed (deliberately) that should affect that. I would expect @slbaumgartner would have enough oomph to not be blocked, so that seems peculiar. Do you see it with any filetype Steve? Are the files you’re uploading close to 0?

I only tried an rbz. It has an actual size of about 120KB, nowhere near zero. Mystified, but at least drag and drop works.