File transfer resolution issues

i transfered my files from my old cpu to new one. the software updated after i transfer my liscence to new. all the lines in the files are shaky. how can i fix that ???

What version of SketchUp are you referring to? Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web) so what license are you referring to? Your graphics card is responsible for display. What graphics card does your new computer have?

i started in free and purchased pro. i purchased a more power cpu and graphics then previous but transfered liscense and files have sawtooth edges. it is a nvidia 3.2 card.

Update your profile with the correct information, please.

Check to see that the Nvidia card is set up to display SketchUp. Look at its control panel for that.

What model Nvidia card? 3.2 is not a current model.

Did you install SketchUp correctly on this computer? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator?

Likely means OpenGL 3.2 compatible.

it says g force radon but i am looking

Probably right.

What do you make of this, though?

Well g force is what holds us down, … and radon is a radioatcive gas that is really bad for your health. :wink:

Perhaps it’s best that the OP post a pic of the SketchUp OpenGL details dialog.

dont understand ? no gforce cards?? if i have to buy another cpu what card do i need

Does this mean your new computer doesn’t have an Nvidia graphics card? If not, what does it have?

sorry just saw your previous. yes we allocated 1 gig of processor to card

i have a g force graphics card .

I’m not sure what’s so hard about this. What card is it exactly?

it seems you are saying the card wont work??

I don’t know what gives you that idea. So far you haven’t told us exactly what graphics card you actually have so there’s no way to make a determination about whether the card will work or not.

“g force radon” seems to imply two different brands of graphics cards and is confusing.

sorry new cpu
it is a amd radeon vega 8

Then it isn’t a G-force card. That is an integrated GPU and as integrated GPUs go, the various benchmark sites seem to rate it fairly well. Integrated GPUs are not recommended for SketchUp, though.That’s not to say it won’t work but historically integrated GPUs don’t have a great reputation for decent OpenGL support even if they say the support recent OpenGL versions.

You might be able to improve the appearance of your model by experimenting with the settings in SketchUp’s Preferences under OpenGL. You may need to restart SketchUp after making changes for those changes to be effective.