File that stores Autosave Settings


I have been having autosave problems with the error that File could not be saved. This is on a Mac with Sketchup 2014. I have tried exporting, saving as new name and many other things. I also tried to remove all files related to Sketchup and reinstalling. What I noticed in reinstalling was the settings for Autosave didn’t change from what I had before I reinstalled. I had it set for 1 minute for testing and I thought it should have gone back to the 5 minute default setting. What file stores the Autosave settings. Maybe this is corrupt and by replacing I can correct this issue. I assumed it was stored in the .plist which I have replaced several times.

Any help would be appreciated. Only seems to affect certain drawings. It is very strange because sometimes I start a new drawing and it works fine even after saving and other times a new drawing show the problem.