File Size and Not Responding Message


Given @john_drivenupthewall’s input, I can’t argue fully for my theory. Nonetheless, cookies add minimal overhead to your browsing data stream (assuming you have reasonably fast internet) and, by themselves, don’t add tasks that significantly compete for CPU use. If you’re experiencing a significant WiFi overhead while using SketchUp, I think opening the browser when necessary, instead of keeping it open (especially with multiple tab/windows) should be sufficient to free up CPU resources.


Well you bring up another issue, that of firewalls, virus protection, update software, schedulers and the other software layers that quite often interfere with performance. I recently dumped my firewall which used to lock up my computer for minutes at a time. My new firewall software performance is a great deal faster.

Honestly, there are so many layers operating under SketchUp that have to be considered, its near impossible to troubleshoot. You have to have your firewall/virus protection, your operating system (Oh and that is another variable that you can manipulate, W7 or W10 performances will vary depending on the age of your computer).


Does anyone know if you can export a ‘flattened 2d’ .dwg file from sketchup?


I’ve seen modtruss before cool stuff.


thanks again all


Here you go.
Feel free to ask followup questions.

Exporting a SketchUp Model as a 2D CAD file — SketchUp Help