File Search doesn't work when doing Insert!


As you can see in the picture below. Can not see files when doing search in the Insert window or in Relink file window.
In Document setup window

Example, searching file name 901510


When inserting image into layout…

Trying to search in number…

Trying to search in text…

I am using Layout and SU 2014, Mac Version 10.9.5.


the slowness is related, turning off ‘App Nap’ for Layout and SketchUp can improve performance.
I also find column view responds quicker…

My most used ‘workaround’ is to have another Finder window open, use hot corners to activate it > then drag the file into the search field…
App Nap can be set from the ‘Get Info’ panel for the app…



There have been reports of slow Finder and Open dialogs in Mavericks. Google “Finder slow” to see discussions of why and possible fixes. Some problems are due to property list incompatibility with older OS X, and some are due to network shares.


Hi Slbaumgartner and John,

Thank you guys. Although the Prevent App Nap doesn’t help the problem. But what I found is that the LayOut search field has a problem or an error or a bug. It can not search file with .skp or .layout. It is fine with SketchUp 2014, no problem with it.

Trying to put different type of files in Example folder to show the problem.

Trying to search "Example"

Trying to search “kck”

I know there is Bug Catcher like Alex B. How do I tag her name, so the Bug Catcher could see this page?


@AlexB I believe you do it like this…



I have to say that I can’t get any useful behavior out of that search field as far back as LayOut 3. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with how LayOut & SketchUp files are indexed by the OS or if we have a bug in the dialog. I’ll put it on the list to investigate.



Thanks Marc,

I hope is not too much to ask. File management, is what I do. I done a lot of search using search bar. It really help.



Thanks for the post and for letting us know. We have filed it as a bug. We appreciate it!