File save locations being totally illogical?

When using Layout, when I go to create a document and establish it’s save location, I obviously want to save the file in a specific folder. In my design work, this is usually a folder within a folder…within a folder (i.e. Smith>Drawings>Countertop Layouts). Straight from Layout, I am not allowed to save inside the folder, and am prompted “Try using another name, without punctuation marks.”, even though there are never punctuations in there. So I am forced to have to save documents from Layout first on my desktop, which for some reason it allows, and then move them manually to that internal folder, which includes the file, the auto-save file, and the eventual PDF I export.

Is it the end of the world? No, but it takes time that ultimately isn’t necessary if it would just not have this bug in the first place.

is the path you’re trying to use very long ?

I remember a similar bug on mac a few years ago, not with layout, basically there were so many sub sub sub folders that the complete path didn’t fit in the text block.

In real terms, it goes Dropbox>Active Clients>name>Countertop Layouts, that last one being my preferred destination.

But you could be right about it being long. One caveat to my explanation is that exporting the PDF’s actually is fine, it’s just the working Layout files that do this.

Don’t save directly to the cloud.

This is probably it, everything’s saved via cloud. Thanks for the insight!

That’s been shown to result in corrupted files. Best practice is to save the LayOut file in a folder on your internal drive along with the references for that file. If you need access to that file from a different computer, copy the folder to DropBox. When you want to work on it from there download it to your computer, do the work and copy it back to DropBox after you’re done.

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