File Properties - Can they be accessed and edited


I use open cut list.

I created some files by doing a copy and paste and rename in file explorer and then edited them in Sketchup Pro because they were similar in content.

In file explorer and when viewed in sketchup the file name and scenes are all labelled exactly as I expected.

However, when I run cut list to create a part list the title of the part lists is that of the original file that I used to create the subsequent copies plus the appropriate scene.

This would indicate that somewhere there is a file property that doesn’t get updated when you do a rename in file explorer.

Please could someone direct me to where that property is held and explain how it might be updated.

Many Thanks

You can use an attribute extension for checking dictionaries of extensions and/or entities.
I use this one:

I found the answer it is in model information. If you change the file name in explorer it does not change the model information You need to change that afterwards.

Typically the Name field in Model Info > File is empty. You only need to fill it in if you want to explicitly override the file name.