File not updated across devices

I’ve created a new project in Sketchup Free (web app) from my home PC, and added a couple of pages to it. I then continued to work on the project later in the day, using a different PC. Both pages were available just as I left them, and I added a third page too.
Now, when I go back to the original PC, the first and third pages both seem to be synchronised on both PCs, but the second page appears to be stuck at the version I originally created, and has not picked up any of the changes I made from the second computer.
If I go to the second computer, the page shows latest updates OK.
Any ideas what is going on here?

Pages? In SketchUp Free?

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you have going on?

Thanks DaveR. Yes - I’m still getting to grips with the terminology…
I have a Project called Sketchup (the default I am guessing, since I didn’t actually create it).
Within the Project, I created a Folder called “Stool”, and then added multiple .SKP files (that I think of as ‘pages’), each one carrying a diagram of different parts of the stool (Top, Sides, Glue-up, etc.).
However, I really think of the Stool as a Project, but I am not sure how I would then use the Folder level of the hierarchy - which I assume is a fixed 3-tier system? How do you use this file save structure?

Anyway - back to the original issue - I am not sure why the original PC appeared to be stuck displaying that particular (old) version of the .SKP file, rather than the latest, but I did find a route to access the version history, so that I can open the latest version (I would have thought that always opening the latest version was the preferable default - but perhaps my logic is flawed) - so at least I now know a workaround if it happens again.

Thanks for responding to my question

Probably due to a caching thing in your browser on that particular computer.

While that is a way to work, it is definitely working way too hard. It would be much easier to model all of the parts of the stool in a single file and use scenes to show the different parts as you need.

For example here is a rocking chair model I did. Note with the Views panel open, there is a list of scenes. This currently shows the 3/4 view of the chair.

And here is a scene showing the seat rail parts in 2D for dimensioning.

You can see there are more scenes to show other parts of the chair. All of the views of the model required to create a usable plan are in this SketchUp file. And all parts are components so if changes are required to the chair model, those changes will be automatically made for every scene in the model. There’s no need to go to multiple SketchUp files to get corrections made.

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