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That is my point I only saved it on my computer and it wasn’t there anymore. Only in Trimble connect and it didn’t pull up even though the title of the file was in recent files. I am using the SketchUp pro version.

I am using Sketch Up Pro. Wouldn’t I still be able to open it from recent files if the title of the file is still there even if it was in Trimble connect normally. I didn’t tell it to put it in Trimble connect unless I accidently hit something but why would it say file not found when the file name is the same in recents anyway? Just curious if this is a problem or if that is what it does.

There’s too much you aren’t telling us or don’t seem to know about what you are doing when you save a file. SketchUp will not upload your files to Trimble Connect unless you tell it to do so. If you are using Save, the save location will be as you set it in the Save window which should be to your internal drive.

If you are saving files to an external drive and that drive isn’t accessible you could get the File Not Found message.

I know that when you hit save it goes to where it is set to save. That is basic for every program as far as I know. The only thing I can think of is that the default for where it is saved got changed by accident by me which I have never done before but who knows if I did that somehow. I have always saved it in the same place an never had this problem before. What you are not addressing is the fact that when I went to recent files the title of the file was there and said it was not found even though it was in Trimble connect.

I had to go to trimble connect separately and found it there and now when I go to recent files and click on it it opens fine so I wanted to let 10101010 at least know and anyone else that, that happened because I had no idea to find it there even if it was accidentally saved there because it did not open even though the file name was under recent opened files.

It seemed to prove that something was wrong now because after going and finding it in Trimble connect it opens just fine in recent files.

If you had published your file to Trimble Connect and then later opened it from Trimble Connect, the file would have been downloaded into a temporary folder. While you are working on it saves and autosaves are done to that temporary folder. When you finish you’d publish to Trimble Connect or use Save As to save it to a non-temporary folder. At some point in time the operating system will delete temporary files–probably while you are asleep. It’s possible that the Recent Files list is pointing to a temporary file that no longer exists. If so, it would give you a File Not Found message.

Here’s an example. I opened a file from my Trimble Connect storage. Then I clicked on File>Save as… and as you can see, it’s saving to a Temp folder. Also, that file name shows up at the top of the Recents list. If I don’t do something to save the file elsewhere, the version in the Temp folder on my computer will eventually disappear.
Screenshot - 4_17_2023 , 1_46_04 PM

Okay, that makes sense I guess. I would think if nothing else it would show up on the home page of when you first open Sketch Up. It showed there for months! There is more than one file it did this to so when you see it on your home page for months and are able to open it from the home screen and recents then all of a sudden it isn’t on the home page and you can’t find it, it is scary. I am sure it can just be that I didn’t open Sketch Up for a while and/or and upgrade that doesn’t put it on the home screen/page anymore but that was scary when it said it wasn’t found.

Those files were being saved to Trimble Connect by default because I had I moved it from another computer but other files were not being saved there by default I am seeing now so I will change that but still the fact that they were showing up on the home page for months and then all of sudden they weren’t there or in recents (although now I understand why they wouldn’t be in recents) and I didn’t change anything was scary.

Thanks for talking that through with me it makes sense but I don’t know why they would remove it off the home page but doesn’t matter now i will make sure to save it the other way and it shouldn’t happen again.

Thanks again.

Thanks. Makes total sense. Now thinking about it I just wish it didn’t come off the home page too but doesn’t matter I will save it the other way now so it shouldn’t do that anymore.

Files don’t fall off the list if they are deleted or moved from the location they were in. There’s nothing in the process (as with other programs) to clear non-existant files from the Recent Files list.

You should make it a practice to save to your internal drive as the primary save location but it can be helpful to also publish to Trimble Connect. That gives you a file that is readily accessible from other computers even if they don’t have SketchUp Pro loaded on them. You could open the file with SketchUp Go if needed. You can share a link to the file with your clients if needed so they can view the model but not edit it. And you automatically develop a history of the file so you can go back to previous versions if needed. The file I was working with for the above screenshots shows 54 versions in the history after I published back today. I can go back and open any one of those versions if needed. There’s only 54 because I’ve used this file for this sort of illustration many times before.

That is super cool that you can go back to all the different ealier versions. I did not know that and i am loving that. I was just doing all the other parts just now saving it to my hard drive but also leaving it on Trimble connect for clients and mobility to other devices. I was thinking I would just reupload it to Trimble connect if I needed to do that but then it sounds like I would lose the ability to go to so many previuos versions which could be very helpful.

Thanks for that too! :nerd_face: :+1:

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It could be nice if one could save to the local drive and publish to Trimble Connect in one step when you are finished working on a file for the time being. I suppose one of our resident Ruby gurus could make an extension to do that maybe.


There are many things that not exposed to Ruby API…I’m afraid publish to Trimble Connect is one of it. :frowning:

The Ruby API is runtime (eg. SketchUp needs to be open) so there is already a Publish function within the TC extension. You could write your own, but you would need to use the Trimble Connect API:

Integrations Overview | Trimble Connect

But, why invent the wheel if you have access to Trimble Connect Sync?

You can manage your data and set sync roots (what local folder/files) to your Project(s), set filters for stuff you don’t want in the cloud, alerts, timed schedules or manual, choose what direction (bi-directional, upload or download only etc…)
Per example, here’s a thread for setting it up for local libraries:


Omg! I found out after speaking with you yesterday that the file I could in my Trimble Connect wasn’t the one I thought it was it was just the old model from when I had the free version with the same name on the file. I had a tech guy from SketchUp even call me and go on my computer and it was nowhere to be found wasn’t even in my recycle bin where I think it would be if I accidentally deleted it and there was no trace of it or any of the other files I have worked on in the paid version anywhere! I am devastated! Have no idea how that could happen I have definitely not gone into my recycle bin so I couldn’t have accidentally removed it from there. It is just crazy that nothing else that I can see was removed from my computer and nothing is wrong just that gone! Have no idea how that could have happened. lots of hours lost but not even a good explanation of how unless someone hacked me and just tool that which seems way out there unless they knew how important it was and wanted to hurt me or something happened with the program itself. I will have to always back up everything now as this was devastating. Just venting I guess as there is nothing I can do that I that I or the tech guy from Sketch Up know of. Doesn’t really make sense though so I am depressed and my brain hurts.

Have you tried everything?

I will try whatever I can so I will try this too. Thank you!!!