"File not found or invalid" Help

I managed to recover most components I think. This file shows nothing in the scene, but quite a lot of components in the Components try.

Can you give a link to the cloud version of the file?

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, están un buen número de componentes.

Te agradecería que si es posible me dijeras por qué se ha producido el fallo, para no volver a repetirlo. Yo de momento he aprendido a hacer copias de seguridad de mis archivos en una ubicación distinta cada poco tiempo ;).


Doing your own system of backup files is a good idea. With SketchUp you will have a SKP that is your most recent save, a backup file that is your previous save, and an auto recovery file, which is your file as it was a few minutes ago (depends on your auto save time settings). With your own way of backing up you could have different versions, and every file that you manually save should be in good condition.

For anyone using a Mac, Time Machine is a good system. With that I would have a backup from every hour for the last day, and every day for the last month.

Windows has a similar feature, which I think I will give a try. You can read about it here:


It would be interesting to see if anyone who gets an invalid SketchUp file also used Time Machine or the Windows file history feature. You could go back in time until you have a file that opens ok, and that might help to point out what happened that caused the file to be corrupted.

Generally I think people point at cloud drive synching as a possible cause, but I know that a lot of people do use Dropbox as part of their workflow, and seem to survive. But, even with Dropbox problems could happen. Here’s a discussion that is about Word files becoming corrupt:


I’m hoping someone can help me - I have been working on a model today and my Sketchup crashed (this honestly happens constantly on my Macbook pro?!) Usually, if not saved I can work from recovered file and continue / load up last saved version (which is fine as I’m so used to it crashing, I am constantly saving). However this time I kept getting the message “file not found or invalid”

I gave up trying to open it and started a new file as I’m on a tight deadline - and hours into redoing the work, Sketchup crashes, again, and I’m getting this message, again. I could cry!

I’m a beginner on Sketchup so potentially have done something very wrong and screwed myself over, twice, but I can’t afford to lose the time I’ve spent so really hoping this file can be recovered.

I’ve attached the file below:

I think this has most of the components recovered. There is nothing in the scene.

Hi Colin!
Thank you so much for the super quick reply!
Just to understand - does this mean that the file contents are lost? When I open the file you sent, it’s empty - I can see the tags etc, just no actual objects.

Thanks again,


Did you look in the components tray?

The scene is lost, but the components you used are recovered.

Hi @colin! Any chance of helping me out with a corrupt file? In the 15+ years of using this software, this has never happened to me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k8twocj9wgygphp/Calabro%20Skaneateles%207.skp?dl=0

Did you fix it yourself? The Dropbox link shows as deleted.

Hi Colin! Thanks for getting back to me. I have been rebuilding my work all morning. Getting close. I would like to know what caused it. I am surprised this has never happened to me before.


I have visited Skaneateles.

Here is 184 MB worth of recovered file:

It’s a beautiful place. This will be on the west side of the lake.

I am able to open the file now but there is nothing in it. I tried with both 2018 and 2020. How were you able to recover?

Thanks much for your efforts!


The scene is empty, but look in Components.

Thanks Colin! So it is just components that are recoverable?

That’s the best I’ve been able to do.

Perfect. Thank you very much. Any clue what might have caused this so I could avoid it in the future?


I seem to have a problem with my file (download link below)
File says: “File not found or invalid”.

Can Somebody help me?

@Colin Can somebody help me please?
Thank you,