File integrity error

Hi everyone, pls I need your help. I was trying to open a file today and got the message “the file could not be opened due to an integrity error” I read some threads on the forum and I see that this error has happened to some people, a couple of times.
Has anyone found a solution? I’ve missed many days of work, I’m about to go crazy losing your work all of a sudden for no reason.

Can you put the file online somewhere, and give me the link to the file? I may be able to fix it.

Colin thank you so much, pls check this, is working?

I am getting the file, and will reply in a little while.

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Here you go:

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no words to thank you for saving days of work.
Why did this happen? did I make some mistake?

I have logged a bug report, so the developers can look into why the files are getting that error. At the moment I don’t know why it happens.