File history and Extensions are not carried over on 2022.353

I updated from 2021 to 22.0.353.
However, the file history and extensions are not transferred. Why is this?

MacOS 12.2.1
SketchUp 22.0.353

Because each major version installs as a separate application. If you open 2021 again you’ll see your extensions and recent files are still there. No recent files in SU2022 because you haven’t opened any files in SU2022, yet. Install extensions fresh from their sources to make sure you get the latest versions that are compatible with SU2022.

Hi Dave!
Thank you for your comment.
It is a pain to re-configure customized toolbars and shortcuts every time I update. Why don’t they make it so that it carries over? I would like to know if there is any way available to make that easier.

Shortcuts should be read from the previous version. Extensions often need to be updated to work with newer versions of SketchUp. Extensions also need to be installed correctly whichmeans they can’t just be copied over. Many users can’t be bothered to keep their extensions up to date anyway. I’ve even seen some users who have complained that they get messages indicating there are updates available.

You could try copying your extensions from the old Plugins folder to the new one. Then just be ready to chase loading errors and fix them.