File export

hello, good morning
there is a point about exporting files from Sketshup with (spirited parts & materials )

  • when I import files to the kitchen draw program for example.
    It comes in one part, not spirated parts or comes without materials
    what should we do to make it imported from Sketshup ( spirated parts & materials )


Do you know what kind of files this ‘kitchen draw program’ can import?
By ‘spirited’ and ‘spirated’ parts, do you mean that you want the imported model to contain separate elements (groups, components)?

hello, kd program can open ( skp, 3ds, dxf, alk).
when I export any file from Sketshup to the kd program.
when I open it by skp I find no materials in the file
when I open by 3ds I find all parts are one component not spirated
how to solve this by exporting the file (spirited and with materials).

‘spirited’ and ‘spirated’ parts it means that you want separate parts, right?

Doesn’t that ‘kd program’ somehow also import .dae or .obj files?

yes, I want it to be separate parts like in my Sketsup file before I export the file.
kd can receive by dae & 3ds & skp.
but Sketshup does not export the file with (separate parts & materials ) at the same exporting.
for example ( skp & dae . When I open it I found no materials in the file )
(3ds . open with materials but all parts are one component can’t make it separate parts )
thanks for your helping .

Import this .dae file and see if you have separate objects -
dae-04-se.dae (12.3 KB)

is the model 3D in SU? Just open the native SKP file, not sure why you are exporting if the kitchen can open a SKP? Can you share your file?

The SKP file will reflect the grouping that is as created in the file. How elements are separated is up to the author of the model. What your software does when importing the file is also beyond what we can help with…

This may sound silly but have you checked the style? It could be monochrome mode, you won’t be able to see any materials with that style, you need to change to texture mode.