File Crash - reduce file without opening it?


Hi there! I have a file that I need to work on, but every time I try to open, it crashes! I think the file is too heavy (113MB), and I can’t open to purge and try to reduce the file. Can someone help me? Is there a way to reduce the file without opening it? I also tried using Sketchup Web to reduce it but doesn’t open either. urgh

Share the file and we’ll see if we can open it and reduce it for you.

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here it is: Dropbox - TH FIRST FLOOR.skp - Simplify your life

I get an immediate Bug Splat when I try to open your file. Perhaps @colin can manage to get it to open. Colin: I sent in a report from the Bug Splat in case it helps. Crash #206621

oh no! thanks for trying!


We had been looking at the file because of your support request (vansm’s I mean, not Dave’s). Most of the file is zeros, and support will be replying to you soon to tell you that.

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