Feature Requests


I do not see a category for feature requests except for extensions.

What I would like to see as part of the core is a “ZOOM Extents” or “ZOOM DRAWING” options to zoom out to the current drawing. Sometimes it is easy to get the view where you cannot see anything because of an accidental orbit or scroll and moving around the drawing to find it is a bit frustrating.


There is a Feature Requests section and there’s already Zoom Extents, Zoom Window, and Zoom Selection. What more do you need?

I moved your post to the Feature Requests forum and corrected your spelling.




And in case you are referring to SketchUp Free instead…



Wow! I am sorry my request prompted such a curt and discourteous reply! misspelling on forums is common among many as we type away and accidentally misspell or rather commit a typo when writing or texting with our phones. It is not a sign of ignorance or intelligence level and I refrain from pointing it out to others when I see it because it really does not matter.

I will remember to avoid posting questions here in the future if spelling accuracy is so important.

But thank you for the time you took sharing the illustrations to show me how to do what I want.


Sorry I set you off. I had no intention of doing that. I changed Feture to Feature so that if someone searches in the future, this thread might come up. I was making no comment about your level of ignorance or intelligence. I’ll refrain from trying to help you in the future.


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