Feature Request to change UI of opening from template

Two small changes, these are both for the 2020 Mac interface, not sure how the windows version works

  1. There exists an assignable shortcut option for File/New From Template, however this shortcut only works if a file is currently already open. If there is no file open this shortcut does nothing, although the option is available in the menu. So to use the shortcut one needs to open a new default file first, then use the shortcut, then close the unwanted default file, not much of a shortcut. It would be nice if this shortcut worked even if no file is currently open.

  2. When the Choose a Template window appears it is set to the default templates page. One must click on the My templates tab to see saved custom templates. I wish this window saved which page it was on when it closed, instead of resetting every time. That way I would go direct to My templates on opening every time (or default templates if I closed the window in that state).

Small potatoes, but would be rewarding fixes for me. Thanks.


And while we are at it… can we make the default number of arc/circle segments a save-able parameter within individual files. Perhaps under Model Info>Units? That way I could have the number of circle segments preset in different templates.