Feature request for Tiled- or poster printing full size (1:1)

Previous versions of Sketchup, supported tiled printing, see this video: https://youtu.be/JZnI7bTtn6E

Recently, Trimble decided to deprecate a lot of printing functions in Sketchup, since Layout is the way to go for printing. Unfortunately, the (1:1) tiled printing has made it into Layout.

I do would like Layout to support tiled or poster printing:

  • spread a print over multiple pages, so that I can print (for example) a A2 drawing 1:1 on 4 A4 sheets of paper
  • (optionally) adding a grid to these prints to help align the pages
  • (optionally) add a borderline on the prints as guide where to cut the sheet
  • (optionally) add page numbers to help ordering the pages

I know there is a workaround for this: print to a A2-pdf and use Adobe Acrobat reader to poster print it. But it would be so much easier and better if it was implemented in Layout, especially when implemented with the extra features I subscribed.

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