[Feature Request] Export as STL + watertight option

It would be great to have built-in support for STL exporting and a mesh fixing (netfabb integration) option.

This will allow us to use the web version with 3D printers more easily.

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Have you tried the “Printables” feature on 3D Warehouse? If you upload a model to 3D Warehouse and set the “Make Printable” flag, your model will be passed through a complex fixing system run by i.Materialise, then returned to you as a printable .stl file.

I’m certainly no expert in 3d modeling or printing but I have learned a lot in the last 2 years. I can tell you this from experience…

I have never, ever, even once… found any auto-correcting done for making 3d models solid for printing which didn’t cause unintended consequences and make my model unusable. Not once. I tried 3 different premium services, and none of them corrected a model to be solid without messing up part of the model.

We just don’t have the technology I’m guessing or the A.I. for software to close the mesh without ruining other details.

I found it less frustrating to just make the model solid and correct as you go. One thing I do that helps, is constantly using cleanup3 and solid inspector on each little component. Then, at the end of the design you can explode everything and make it one giant component, then run cleanup3 and solid inspector one last time.

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Plugins cannot be used with my.sketchup at this time…

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Oh, sorry I didn’t catch the category. When I logged into the forum, I guess I was looking at a mixture of categories.

Good catch.