Favorite plugin for importing AutoCad dxf and preserving layers?

What is the best way to import the attached AutoCad drawing in SU Pro?
When I import from File command, I lose all my layers, and shapes mesh together, so obviously I’m doing something wrong…
(What is ideal file type and what is the best way to prepare drawing in AutoCAD?)


Native import preserves layers to tags, and Blocks to components.

Is there a plugin?

There used to exist a couple of DXF translator plugins but I don’t know about their status today.

OK. Presumably they would have to do the job better than that native importer to make them worth having.

Designed for people unable to access the native tools.

That is, users of the older Free or Make versions.

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Please see updated original post

You refer to an attached file but there isn’t one, only a PNG image. That, of course, has no layers nor vector information.