Favorite coding app for Mac?

I have been told that I should get a good coding app outside of Sketchup if I really want to get into ruby. Wondering what the pros choice for use on Mac is? Thanks!

Just a note that Microsoft Visual Studio Code is available in multiple platforms,
is open source and full featured.

I have not used it much because I thought it was too different from my favorite Win only coder editor Notepad++. But I just started it up again, and it looked around and saw I had Notepad++ installed and offered to add in an extension that adds Notepad++ keyboard shortcuts to VS Code.

The main thing that was keeping me from using it was the block folding shortcuts. I am addicted to Notepad++'s ALT+num level folding shortcuts. So now they’ve all been added to VS Code. So I’ll have to play with it some more and we’ll see it I switch or not.

It’s free and community driven.


Very nice, added a new git hub account as well. Thanks Dan!

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VSCode is very nice to use, and cross platform. JetBrain’s RubyMine is also a very good tool and cross platform.

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Thanks for the info @tt_su, here is a link to RubyMine: