Fastest way to subdivide a cube shape into more cubes?

Hi everybody.

Does anyone knows what could be the fastest way to subdivide a “cube”? (don’t know the English word for the shape that looks like a cube but their height and widht is not the same)

I mean something that looks like this.

Thanks in advance.

Do the subdivisions go inside the cube? Or only on the surface?

I was thinking if that would help on modeling things like this (it belongs to another program), but maybe it’s not the way.

I also thought about pulling always the same size after making the first pull on a square with ctrl modifier

Copy one edge to the other side, then type /4 and hit [ENTER] to divide one face side into 4 equal parts. Select the four resulting edges (perpendicular to the first ones) and copy to their other side. Then type /4 and … .

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select just the outside edge of one side of a cube (double click then shift click the center plane) then option+ move the outline to the opposite face. Then type /number of devisions you want and press return. Sketchup populates the space between the original object and the moved new object with /number of evenly spaced copies. Selection for the 90˚ face will require an extra step to shift-leftdrag deselect the new devisions, but it’s quick.

EDIT: @Wo3Dan beat me to it for the cube you posted. But this will not work on an organic shape like your later post. That might be achieved by building a grid of planes and intersecting.

Another approach that would also give you internal subdivision would be to start with the smaller block and select it, then use the Move tool with the modifier key to make it be a copy, and drag the left end of the block along the red axis to snap against the right end of the block. You could then type 4x and press the enter key to make the run of four. Then select all of that and use the Move tool in the green axis to make the next set. Type 4x again and you have your 16 blocks. Same again, in the blue axis, and you’ll have 32 blocks, all identical, and with internal faces.

I got beat too! If you want general subdivision like you would use in other tools, search the Extensions Warehouse, there are a number of add-ons that do subdivision.

This is often referred to as a rectangular solid (in lieu of a cube). Also, I think the extension “SUbD” does what you want and much more. Link to SUbD Extension

Thank you all :wink:

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