Fastest way to place a new object in this position?


Hi everybody.

I have a cube like this one:


And I wonder what’s the fastest way to draw a new basic shape (for example a circle) in this place would be.



For example, I want to draw a circle inside the one of the faces of the cube but I want to keep certain distance from it. I wonder if there is any way to do that with only one step.

I know I can turn the cube into a group/component, draw a circle on one of its faces and then move it, or draw a circle on one of its faces, move it with ctrl modifier to make a copy of it and then delete the original one. I guess I could also use guidelines.

Is there any way to make this process faster?

Thank you.


I bet there’s a faster way, but you could draw a line from the face of the cube and in the direction and distance to where you want the circle. Then you draw the circle from that endpoint, and delete the line afterwards.


Interesting, it looks like a good solution to me :wink:
Thank you mate.


Option 2


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