Failed to Open Document HELP!

I am able to open other files successfully but this one tells me, “Failed to open document.” I installed the latest update but that did not help. I tried renaming to .skb and received the same error message. I tried importing into another file and it says “File not found or invalid.”

Please help!

Can you put the file online somewhere so that I can look at it? Did you check the .SKB version of the file? You would rename the extension.skb to be .skp (change the file name as well so that it’s not identical to the main .skp). After renaming the .skb, try opening that one.

@colin this happened to me as well. The file was working properly yesterday, but when I tried to open today, it just said failed to open document. I have tried renaming the .skb to .skp but it still failed to open. Now, i’m not sure what else to do.

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