Failed to Open Document... can someone open it for me?

I am an instructor and one of my students has a file she cannot open… nor can I. We get the error “Failed to Open Document”. I understand it is probably due to the file being bloated and I can handle reducing its size… if I can open it. I already asked for the back up file but she doesn’t have it. Can someone help me with opening this file?

Generally it requires @colin to work his magic. Hopefully he’ll have time to look in soon.

Downloaded and tried to open it in SU 2021 on Mac Monterey.

No joy - “File not found or invalid” was the message.

I am trying to open the file, but it hasn’t opened yet, after 7 hours. I will leave my computer continuing to trying opening the file overnight.

It’s up to 20 hours of trying to open the file. I am logging a bug report for the developers to take a look.

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Hello, I am an architectural engineer and faced a problem opening my work file, it seems " failed to open document " When you open the file, you have already saved the file several times, I understand it is probably due to the file being bloated and I can handle reducing its size… if I can open it.
Can someone help me with opening this file? necessary Help me please.
thank you…

This isn’t the same issue as the other folks had. Your file will open.

Bloat? I’ll say!

Fixed incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 12_7_2021 , 3_45_12 PM

Purged unused.
Screenshot - 12_7_2021 , 3_46_07 PM

There’s still a lot of excess geometry in the remaining entourage but maybe you can open it. I would suggest that you go through and simplify it further. You could reduce some of the geometry by using a texture for the floors instead of all that geometry. And you could greatly improve things like the bathtub. No need for over 32,000 entities in that component. Twice as many in a towel.

Other furniture and fixtures could use the same sort of reductions.

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It appears to me that the file has been deleted, I apologize for the delay in following you up, but I re-designed the file again, and I had the same problem, so I want the original file, send it to me again please !

thank you …

This is what appears when I open the file you sent me.
Please help me as soon as possible ! please :frowning:

thank you…

I didn’t keep the file on my computer. Yesterday I needed the space in my DropBox account and deleted it from there. I figured you’d already download the file since I uploaded it nearly a week ago. Sorry.

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Can you re-download the file for me? please I need it as soon as possible !
I’m soo sorry I didn’t download it last time , I’ll not go back to doing what I did again, I’ll always contact you, I didn’t know that any of you would replay to me.

help me please…
thank you

this is the link of my file work again, please help :frowning:

I did the same tag fixing Dave did, and also a purge. Here’s a 684 MB file, the link will work for 7 days:

thank youuuu very much :heart: :heart:


I’m also having problems with my SketchUp file, it reads ‘cannot open document’ when I try to open it. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, using the skb file etc, but nothing seems to work.

Any help with this would be amazing!

Izzy :slight_smile:

You need to upload your file. If it’s more than 15MB use DropBox, OneDrive or WeTransfer, share the file and provide a link to it here.

‘‘failed to open document’’
bende bu hatayıalıyorum lütfen yardım edermisiniz?

In English:

I am also getting this error can you help me please?

As for the previous poster, upload your file.

Önceki postere gelince, dosyanızı yükleyin

please check this file and resolve the problem .

The file is extremely demanding, probably because of the number of components. It did eventually open in SketchUp 2022:

If you see a message about the file being made in a newer version, don’t worry, it will open in 2021.

Wouldn’t hurt to fix the incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 6_1_2022 , 10_03_14 AM

…and purge unused stuff from your models once in awhile.
Screenshot - 6_1_2022 , 10_22_50 AM

Just a guess but I expect there’s a lot of extraneous stuff still in the model space that could be removed. Cleaning up your model will help you keep moving ahead.