Failed to Import CAD Files


Hi Sketch Up friends,

I’m having issues trying to import CAD files to use as reference drawings to build models on top of. I have followed the video tutorial in the ‘Beyon Sketch Up’ section of the Trimble website, but I still get an ‘Import Failed’ message. I have done the following:

  1. Saved a new copy of my CAD file, in which I have used LAYDEL to clean up the file to it’s simplest form (just lines). It has no hatches, text or unnecessary contents and the drawing units are in millimeters.

  2. I have opened up a new file in Sketchup and checked that the drawing units are also in millimeters.

  3. I have follwed the steps to import the CAD file, eg. ‘IMPORT’, changed the file drop down to show CAD files, selected my simplified CAD drawing file, selected ‘OPTIONS’ to the options for what is imported, ensured that the boxes are selected to ‘merge coplanar faces’ and ‘orient faces consistently’.

I still just get an ‘Import Failed’ message. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.


save to a lower version of the CAD file (eg. 2010)

In general, when you want to exchange files between different software packages, downsaving is the way to go…


Thanks very much, that did work! What a relief, I have got the file in there at last​:+1::grin::clap:


Way to go!