"Fail to open file" message pops up and I can't open my .skp file, please help!

This is 2nd time in the last 3 month (different files) when I can’t open .skp files and I’m wondering what the issue is. It shows message - “Fail to open” and opens emty file. I have gone through all similar posts in community here to try fix and I have tried all of the suggestions but no luck. Backup file says the same thing. All my files are saved on my PC and the file in the question worked with no issues until it didn’t. I would like to avoid situation like that in the future. If anyone have any suggestions please advise.

This is the link to .skp file:

About 40% of the file is filled with zeros. Do you have the SKB backup file?

Thank you Colin! I do have the .skb backup file but I have a feeling it will be the same situation, unfortunately. I have attached link to it. Sorry to ask but what exactly does it mean that file is filled with zeros?

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, it was getting late in the day for me!

The backup file has less zeros in it than the SKP, but still a lot, enough to make it not possible to recover anything. We don’t yet know why Windows puts zeros into a file.

Thank you Colin for trying!

Do I understand you correctly that this is Windows issue? Does this mean that it wouldn’t have happened on Mac?

I don’t know if it’s impossible to happen on Mac, but if you look at all of the forum posts where the problem has happened, the next step is to ask for the SKB file. Mac doesn’t use .skb, which means that all of the cases I can think of were on Windows.

Thank you!