Faces of copied components are white

Am using Sketchup Pro 2015. I have made a component of a drawer and copied it down 4x and it has come out white. Have tried reversing faces of the component which does not make any difference. There is probably a simple solution and would value some help

White as opposed to what? A material you applied to the original instance of the component?

Materials should be applied by opening the component first, if you want other copies to wear the same material. Materials applied while a component is not open for editing highlight that given instance but do not apply to the component itself. Other copies will not have that material.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

Have not applied any materials to the surface

Z-fighting. Multiple faces sharing the same space.

With the drawers hidden you can see there’s a face covering most of the front of the case.

How is it that you intend to use the model?

You should have only white front faces exposed. Is this what you want the drawers to look like?


@brianmowrey may be on the right track: are you painting the component before or after making the copies, and are you painting the component instance as a whole, or the faces inside it? Paint applied to the component before you copy it will be duplicated on the copies, both if on the exterior of the instance or on the faces inside. But paint applied to the exterior after making a copy will not propagate to the other instances. Like their position, this is a per-instance property!

Edit: on opening your file, I see that @DaveR is right (as usual!)



Have deleted the front face and problem solved. Thank yo so much

I redrew your model based on the dimensions you provided. Frankly I don’t believe even Ikea would make the case sides only 4mm thick but I modeled it as you have it. The green is my back face color.

IKEA.skp (103.2 KB)