Faces not recognizing geometry

Hi community. Have been using SU for 5 years and this is the first time I’ve had this problem. I don’t come to the community unless I’m really stumped. File attached shows a portion of wall (a component) with windows; have drawn geometry on face of component to create space for stone quoining and want to push the section inside the geometry (closest to windows) in by 5" so that I can insert the stone quoining. But the face of the wall component won’t recognize that geometry has been drawn there. Have gone through Repair SU process but no change; have zoomed in to look for gaps in geometry but don’t see any; have copied geometry away from component in attempt to work on it separately but only parts of it will push/pull; have searched forums but can’t find mention of this elsewhere (may be terminology issue). Have also done virus scans of my PC; none found.FOR Q TO SU COMMUNITY.skp (1.5 MB)

Can someone explain why the face of the wall component is behaving this way? I’ve had this issue all week with other components and have used “work arounds” but very frustrating as it doesn’t normally behave this way.

The vertical face with the geometry on it isn’t coplanar. So the geometry drawn on it isn’t considered to be a loop that can cut out a smaller face that can be push/pulled through.
On top of that, this geometry isn’t coplanar either. So it can’t even support a face of its own.

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Set precision to mm and as high as possible.
Measure differences in the green direction according to the uploaded image.
The red vertices are just some examples that indicate there’s no coplanarity.


You can also use the Text tool to get the coordinates of the endpoints. In this case all of the Y values should be identical but aren’t this indicates there’s a tiny twist in the shape.

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Thanks Wo3Dan. I’ll work on that!

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Thanks Dave. I drew a rectangle using the rectangle tool and then pulled it up to the required height. I wonder why the rectangle wouldn’t automatically have identical coordinates. I guess I’ll be looking at a lot of guidelines! Appreciate the quick replies from everyone!

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Faces created by Push/Pull are coplanar … always.
The root of the problem is subsequent modeling operations using techniques that invite and propagate errors.

See this copy of the file you shared:
FOR Q TO SU COMMUNITY_Modeling Issues.skp (1.5 MB)

• Persistent use of Inference Locking precludes off-axis modeling errors.

• Improper use of SketchUp’s Layer System is a sure path to modeling mayhem.
Unintentional alteration of raw geometry assigned to an invisible Layer can be one of the consequences.

In your example, the raw geometry of the wall is assigned to a Layer other than Default Layer0.


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Wow! That’s amazing. Thanks Geo. I really need to tighten up my precision. Appreciate your help!

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