Face Selection/Separation problem

It’s the typical face selection issue, can’t select a specific part of the surface that looks like it’s properly subdivided. On a flat or semi simple surface, finding the problem edge and replacing it isn’t a big deal, but on this curved surface, I’m a little lost on how to go about fixing my selection issue. The part of the face with the issue has the little box in it as a marker.
selection issue.skp (2.2 MB)

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

selection issue.skp (10.8 MB)

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I use fredo’s Curvisard for things like that.
The weld option will run along a whole series of segments until it hits a problem, a gap or a tiny extra edge, etc. This lets you go to that spot and fix the problem. I have it as a keyboard shortcut and it is often enough just to split the faces on its own.

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I thought it worth mentioning that you can use the now native weld to find such gaps and overlaps. If you weld what should be a continuous edge and it fails then you know there is an issue at whatever break points show up. I have also shown here that you can move the endpoints to join rather than adding in another segment.

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There’s also edge tools2 by thomthom that is able to spot every single small gaps among selection/model by circling them.
It also has a function that offers the possibility to automatically close small gaps after giving the option to set the maximum tolerance
Great plugin !

Also available in the SketchUp extension warehouse

You’re the hero of the day! Much appreciated!

Edgetools was always my go-to, but it looks like it trips out on softened/smoothed edges and accepts those as a proper connection.

Thanks for the walkthrough! Totally forgot about scaling to get more detail.