Face rotates when I use Follow Me tool

I’d like to machine this orange handrail on my CNC in 2 halves.
I imported true arcs from Vcarve to reduce segmenting.


Why is my face rotating when I use FM tool?

Any ideas (or alternate methods for create 3D model of this)?


Are the curves for the followme all in the same plane? In this case, there shouldn’t be a rotation…

Wow how did you do that so fast??

Yes they are on the same plane.
Here is the issue, with the face rotating after the FM command:

Any other ideas?
Thanks again!

If you draw the face perpendicular to the first segment, the face will not rotate. I’ve used the left end of the path for positioning the face because of this…

Copying your strategy worked thanks!

However, I’d like to make as 2 pieces (miter joint). So that is my next challenge…

Thanks again!

If you need the other end modified, you can intersect it with a face accordingly…

That will work thanks again!

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The key thing you are missing regarding Follow Me is that the profile needs to be oriented so it is perpendicular to the first segments in the path. The extrusion will also end perpendicular to the last segment in the path. In your case you aren’t starting with the profile perpendicular to the first segment. Also it can be important to remember that the profile face is not being rotated. It is being projected. That means the extrusion won’t have the same cross section dimension as the profile. Here’s an example that shows that.

If the cross section dimensions of the extrusion are important, you need to set up for Follow Me correctly.

Thanks Dave!

I finally got it I think…
Had to Push/pull my shape into existence, then “carve away” the negative triangle shape (on the left).
Thanks again.

When I do this along a line only (using the positive shape), SU add some odd geometry, as seen here: